Quick Update

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog, but my only excuse is that I always do….

So much has happened in my life in the last 6 months… As you may know, if there is really somebody outthere who reads this thing anyway, I move to California and I started a new live with the man I love, it’s been a really interesting process, for starters living with another person is difficult, adapting to his way of living and trying to adapt mine to his, the way of living that is you dirty people!! hahahaha… also after a lot of years of lving in the same city and all that fun stuff.. here I am living in the wods, surranded by nature and some wild animals, and the weather is a big change: snow, chilly winds and dry air… but all in all I am adjusting to it.

The second big thing that had happened in my life is that…. drum rolls….. I got engaged!! yes, I am an engaged woman now, we don’t have an actual date but we will get married soon 🙂

I never thought the day when I would call myself an engaged to be married soon woman will come, but you never know what life trows your way until it hits you in the face 😛

So anyways that is a quick update, but I promise as I always do that I will post something regarding Christmas and my first Thanksgiving experience.

Have a great and Merry Christmas people!!!


what’s for dinner?

Well since I’ve been here in California I’ve been missing all the food I usually ate in Mexico, so I have been cooking!! yes you read it well, I AM cooking and introducing Brandon to many new flavor flavs!!!! hahahah no, seriously, he loves Mexican food but I think that Mexican food prepared by a Mexican Girl is better right?? well I have been making my mom proud by cooking a lot of things she taught me in the past… unfortunately I don’t have pictures of everything, which I think I will do in the future for evidence hahahaha but I did take some pics of our dinner the other night, Real Mexican “Carne Asada” tacos with black beans the way God intended people to eat them! not that fried tortilla crap you see everywhere in the US sold as Tacos, no no no, the real soft corn tortilla tacos, with lettuce and table cream on them, and also with a little bit of red rice (made with a tomato and chicken season) oh my, just writing about this is making me hungry!!! so without further ado… here’s the evidence!!!!

Real Mexican Dinner
Real Mexican Dinner

it ain’t cool!

Ok, so here’s my first scarry story here in the woods..

it happened 5 days after I got here, I was at home waiting for Brandon to come back from work, it was about 3.15pm (he usually gets out of work at 3.30) so I thought, mmh I need to take the trash out and maybe smoke a cigarette while I’m out, no big deal right??? WRONG! I open the door and what do I find on the middle of the deck??? a SNAKE! and mind you we are on the second floor, so I am thinking to myself, how the heck did this snake climb the stairs????? First of all I have a phobia to snakes, they scare the heck out of me, second I was alone and third I hate snakes!!! lol am I clear enough???

Well, my first reaction was to freeze, I was so scared that I dropped the trash bag, slammed the door and ran inside shaking, I grab the phone and called Brandon, when I told him “there is a snake on the deck” he said “Cool!” no no, it ain’t cool buddy, come home as fast as you can!! at this point I started to freak out and cry like a baby, you will have to consider that I was alone, in the woods, just moved in to a different country and hormones where flying all over the place.. so 10 minutes after I called him he got here and I was in the corner of the couch still crying, so he went ouside to check for the huge snake (in my fear I saw it huge) and nothing, he looked all over, downstairs, everywhere and nothing, I couldn’t believe it!!! the sucker had scaped!!! well no so fast.. I wasn’t going to let it go that easy, so I carefully went outside to the deck and when he was saying “it’s gone, you probably scared it” I looked down at the stairs and there it was!!! in the middle of them!! so lucky me I’m living with a Indiana Jones/Steve Irwin kinda men hahaha so he went off and grabbed the mofo which after all wasn’t that big as I thought, BUT these type of snakes ( gopher snake ) mimic the rattle snakes!! so I was right to be scared..

Anyhow, here it is…

Behold!!! the one guilty of my first scarry experience in the woods. (keep on mind that Brandon is 6’4″ and has big hands so the snake might look tiny but it really wasn’t that small)

The story so far

As most of you know, I made a huge change in my life by moving out of my house/city/country to live with my boyfriend/soul mate, oh yeah I said it! Well I finally did it and last Friday (the 20th) I took a long flight to Tijuana where my cousin and his wife were waiting for me to cross the border (Yes I entered legally what did you think? Gah!) to then take a long ride to LA, stopping at San Diego which is beautiful


we had lunch, drive around, took a ride on a bike car type of thing which was a lot of fun and then off to LA where Brandon (Stuka87) and Jason (nbwulf) were waiting.

It was awesome to finally meet Jason who was another great host (along with his wife and their wonderful twins) which proves me one more time that online friendships are as good and sometimes better than IRL friendships, but I’m getting off topic here, Soooo, on Saturday we met with Curt (OhCurt) and David (actordavidtran) for a nice afternoon around Hollywood Boulevard

hollywood blvd

and the Griffith Observatory that lead to the birth of Griffith Tube!

We had an awesome time and it was great to meet more Youtubers =) On Sunday we went to have breakfast with my cousin and then we hit the road, 4.5 hours drive and we were home, it’s been a pretty good week and I’m adjusting to life in the woods, lots of good things to photograph around


so the bottom line here, is that I’m very happy with this new life and I am happy about the choice I made, I’ve never been so happy and in love, and I have the best man alive living with me.

Stay tunned for my first scarry experience in the woods….

The return of the Blogger

Hello 5 readers!!! are you still out there????

I am back, I finally decided to re open my blog and start doing what I like to do, I will be updating this site a little more often, ok I will try hehehe…

So if you are back reading my crazy stuff thank you for coming back!!! and for the new readers, welcome and make yourself at home 🙂

I will be back very soon, because I have a lot to talk about..


Quick Update

Hello 4 readers out there!! hehehe, just a quick updat to let you know everything is fine, I’m just caught up with some other things that eat most of my “online” time so that’s why I haven’t been here a lot…

Some good things are coming my way, I’ll leave in a week and a half for a “unplugged” trip.. meaning I need to get away from here, see other people, other places, other things… I need a break!!! although I will be in the same country it will be different.. 5 days away is all I need right now and I will bring lots of fotage and stories to post….

I have a new obsession, you know me, once I find something I don’t stop untill I’m sick of it… but I don’t think I will be sick of this new form of comunication known as Stickam… is a live chat and it’s really fun… try it!

in other news, I’ve met the most amazing people, new friends that I know will last for a very long time, so I’m happy about that…. also I met somebody who keeps me away from doing anything else but talk to him for hours.. so yeah, I am good 🙂

 Ok, so that’s it for now… keep coming back so I don’t close this shit yet another time hahahaha..

Love you!!!

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