Stay tuned!

Tomorow I will update!!

Love you all ❤


The return of the Blogger

Hello 5 readers!!! are you still out there????

I am back, I finally decided to re open my blog and start doing what I like to do, I will be updating this site a little more often, ok I will try hehehe…

So if you are back reading my crazy stuff thank you for coming back!!! and for the new readers, welcome and make yourself at home 🙂

I will be back very soon, because I have a lot to talk about..


Quick Update

Hello 4 readers out there!! hehehe, just a quick updat to let you know everything is fine, I’m just caught up with some other things that eat most of my “online” time so that’s why I haven’t been here a lot…

Some good things are coming my way, I’ll leave in a week and a half for a “unplugged” trip.. meaning I need to get away from here, see other people, other places, other things… I need a break!!! although I will be in the same country it will be different.. 5 days away is all I need right now and I will bring lots of fotage and stories to post….

I have a new obsession, you know me, once I find something I don’t stop untill I’m sick of it… but I don’t think I will be sick of this new form of comunication known as Stickam… is a live chat and it’s really fun… try it!

in other news, I’ve met the most amazing people, new friends that I know will last for a very long time, so I’m happy about that…. also I met somebody who keeps me away from doing anything else but talk to him for hours.. so yeah, I am good 🙂

 Ok, so that’s it for now… keep coming back so I don’t close this shit yet another time hahahaha..

Love you!!!

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Misery Bussines  by  Paramore]

it happened again

I’ve posted five times that I’m leaving this blog because I have like 4 readers only and I feel like I’m talking to myself, and I have nothing to write about and blah blah blah, but I always come back because those few readers really feel sad because I am leaving, so I can’t do it!!

I’m back again, and I’ll try to keep up!

Love ya, Thanx


On friday I went to a reunion with a bunch of my friends from junior high we Celebrated 19 years of knowing eachother, this was the 7th reunion and we had a blast remembering stuff, seeing old pictures and karaoke singing, here’s a video of me and 3 other friends singing and having fun… is in spanish but that’s the only video I’m in, because the other 19 I was behind the camera as usual hehehe… so enjoy our lousy singing hahahaha