Here We Go Again 6.0

Welcome  (back) to my blog, this is the 6th time I start a blog, mainly because I am a procrastinator and I get distracted really easily, but let’s see how it goes this time around.

So for the past 10 years I’ve been an on and off blogger, turned vlogger (, turned photographer (, turned paper crafter, yeah I know, I am all over the place, but like I said I can’t do one thing without starting another and coming back to the first one weeks later, great example of that is I am watching a video in between typing these lines. Anyway, I know I am not making any sense but this happens to me a lot, I am a bit of a rambler and then if you count that I have two languages fighting in my head to see which one goes out first, then you get what I just typed.

I say this every time I start a blog, but I mean it this time, I am going to keep it up, and update constantly, I think this will be a good outlet for my thoughts and to share my creations (card making & stamping) with the world, so I hope you, if there is anyone out there reading this, give me a chance and stick around

Quick Update

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog, but my only excuse is that I always do….

So much has happened in my life in the last 6 months… As you may know, if there is really somebody outthere who reads this thing anyway, I move to California and I started a new live with the man I love, it’s been a really interesting process, for starters living with another person is difficult, adapting to his way of living and trying to adapt mine to his, the way of living that is you dirty people!! hahahaha… also after a lot of years of lving in the same city and all that fun stuff.. here I am living in the wods, surranded by nature and some wild animals, and the weather is a big change: snow, chilly winds and dry air… but all in all I am adjusting to it.

The second big thing that had happened in my life is that…. drum rolls….. I got engaged!! yes, I am an engaged woman now, we don’t have an actual date but we will get married soon 🙂

I never thought the day when I would call myself an engaged to be married soon woman will come, but you never know what life trows your way until it hits you in the face 😛

So anyways that is a quick update, but I promise as I always do that I will post something regarding Christmas and my first Thanksgiving experience.

Have a great and Merry Christmas people!!!

The finished Product

cuadro-002.jpg Here’s the painting I told you about Here is not as good as the original but hey! I’m proud of myself, I did this without tracing it first!! the only things I traced were the eyes and lips.. I loved this painting but before I did this I promise it to a good friend of mine, so now I will have to try again and do another one for me…

what do you think?? all critizism accepted!!

Blogger’s block

I hate that now that I have a cool new blog, and lot’s of things on my mind, none of them comes out… I guess I feel a little bit lonely with the lack of visitors.. I really don’t know if all my usual readers have found the new location of the blog formerly known as the ego…

 I hope you all come soon and show me some love!!! you know how much of an attention whore I am!, meanwhile check out this pic… I was walking with my friends downtown and we found this hilarious sculpture.. we call it “chicken foot”


Not often you find yourself in front of giant chicken foot, so it was obvious that I had to capture that precious moment hahahahaha…

The things people do… I mean with sculptures like this anyone could be an artist, don’t ya think??

There were many great ones but this one was the highlight of my night hahahaha.

See you next time….

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[Monson by Robbie Williams]