The Vacation Chronicles: Unplug & Relax

So a mere 5 months have past since I went to Merida for my annual vacation and started a blog about it, and of course like I always do, I started to write another chapter on that saga and BAM! I put away my laptop to never open it again until tonight, 5 months later. So here is the blog post that was supposed to be publish back in April.


On this trip I wanted to take some time to go somewhere different than the city, somewhere I could unplug and just relax and enjoy nature. So I found an “eco-arqueological” reserve 45 minutes away from my parents house (it’s weird to call it that since I grew up there and it was always, My house) and I took my niece and one of my best friends for a one day adventure.

After getting lost (As I always do) and making a few calls to someone who knew how to get there, we finally arrived and we were the only people on the property, other than the owner and his daughter, which was kinda cool.

Our day started with a dip in the pool (after unpacking) and a long talk about a plan to go to Paris in 2 years and all the logistics involving that trip. After an hour, we changed and took the hike to see find the so called archaeological mounds, that were nothing but a bunch of rocks, but a good hike and a cool place to see the sunset nonetheless. We returned to the main house and chilled in our room with the A/C on while we waited for dinner to be ready [ the room came with dinner and breakfast included ] and when that happened we joined the owner at the dining area for a very delicious home cooked meal.

At this point, the only area where there was a little bit of internet signal was the dinning area, so we caved and checked our instagram, facebook and many other social media outlets. But 15 minutes after that, we couldn’t take the mosquito attacks, so we retreated to room to watch a Netflix comedy special [previously downloaded to the ipad] and proceeded to fall asleep just 20 minutes into it.

The next morning we woke up early to eat breakfast and then head back to the City. it was a great escape from the noise and traffic of the city, a good way to unplug and detox from that.




The Vacation Chronicles- Encounters & Reunions

The one thing I’ve always talk about when visiting home, is that I never run into anyone I know unless I have plans to see them. Well, this time I got my wish granted a few times.

First, as I was relaxing at the beach (as stated on my last post) A couple of guys came to my Airb&b house asking if I could look around for a kite that got away from them, I did and when I came back with said kite, the guy who asked me had taken his sunglasses off and it revealed a very familiar face: someone that went to primary school and junior high with me!

The second time, I was at a hospital with a friend who needed a ride there for a small procedure that required a little sedation, so she wouldn’t be able to drive afterwards. Anyways, the Doctor comes out to give an update on how it all went and he stared at me and called me by my name, at first I did not recognized him since it’s been ages since we last saw each other, but after he said his name I knew exactly who he was, another schoolmate from primary school!! And after we talked for a little bit he told me the Doctor who did my friends surgery (a month prior to this appointment) was a friend I went to Kindergarten with and all the way through junior high! The saying is true, it’s a small world!

Now, The reunions were very much planned but all the same exciting and long awaited, two in particular. Starting with a traditional dinner I have with a couple of friends I’ve know literally since I can remember things, which is 4 years old (Before that age, I don’t think I have any memories of my life) we were super close all through junior high, along with 2 other girls who we met while in junior high. We were the kind of girls that did everything together, from sitting in the last row at class, copy each other at tests through ditching school. Mind you, one of their mom’s was our teacher. After JH, we all went to different schools but kept in touch. The two who joined our group in JH, moved away and were never in town for our dinners, until this time. They were both in town and were able to make it for the first time in maybe 12 years for one of them and 20 for the other. It was so amazing to have the gang together again and talk about our lives as 40 year olds and remember the crazy adventures we had when we were teens. Who knows if this will ever happen again, but at least we have new memories and the pictures to remember this magical occasion for a long time, We even tried to recreate one of our favorite pictures from our school days.

Lastly, a broken friendship was mended. Someone who’ve I know since I was 14 years old and was one of my best friends agreed to start from zero, turn a new page in our book, a fresh start after 14 years of not talking to each other for reasons neither one of us can remember. So after adding her back on Facebook a month ago and talking about meeting we did, it was amazing! We laughed like we used to, we told each other our successes and our failures, We toasted to our newly revived friendship and most of all, we vowed to keep it up forever, like the sisters we are.


The Vacation Chronicles: No Plan Is Better Than Any Plan

Day 1 of Vacation started with breakfast downtown with my cousin and her husband at their favorite spot and kind of a tradition for us when I visit. After that we stroll down the main square and then to a famous park that has an oversize version of a traditional bench, called “Lover’s Chair” , to take some must have pictures and then I was supposed to meet another set of cousins for lunch and be done with my day, or so I thought.

Fast forward to my mom calling to tell me my aunt wanted to see me and she wanted to have lunch at a specif restaurant so I had to change my plans and call my cousins to meet me at the new location, where there was a bunch more of my family members waiting to see me.

Again, I thought: after lunch I’ll go home and just hang out since I have no more plans for the night. Nope, there was more in store for me. My cousin told me she and her brother were going to a cantina [which apparently are all the rage in Merida right now] and asked me if I wanted to tag along, I said “sure! I have no plans”. So I called my other cousin and her husband to meet us there and off we went to this place I’ve never been before and boy was this place packed!. Took us a while but we finally got a table for all of us and the fun started. I’m telling you, if you’re not close with your cousins [who are your first friends in life and for life] then you are missing a lot!

We laughed, we danced, we drank and cheered to us, we laughed and laughed again. We stayed there for 3 hours and hopped on to the next one where two left and my brother joined. The next Cantina wasn’t as loud and crazy as the first one but it was a good thing, because we needed to relax. 2 more hours and I was ready for bed, so we left.

But like the title of this post says, No plan is better than any plan, I have never hanged out with cousins from both families at the same time and now I wonder why? it was the most fun I’ve had in a long long time.

The Vacation Chronicles: Travel Day

It’s been a year and 3 months since I last traveled outside of the country and finally I am able to do it again, to my hometown of Merida in the always sunny Yucatan Peninsula.

My day started at 3am on Wednesday, work at 4am and until 12:30pm, Dentist appointment at 1pm and then home to finished packing what little I had left, change and then drive to Sacramento to stay for the night for the early flight Thursday.

We got to the airport via shuttle at 3am (which meant waking up at 2:30am to get ready) and got all checked in by 4am and boarded the first flight at 5am. Destination: Denver, where I sit right now, 3 hours later, waiting for our next flight to Houston which will board at 12pm.

Can you tell I am rusty at writing? who needs all those details?!?!?!

So while I arrive to Houston, allow me to show you a few areal views from Denver as we landed. Will continue later, it will be a few hours for me but it will feel like a second to you.


Look at that! I’m in Houston now, but I don’t have a lot of time in between flights, so I’ll make this short. I took an awesome nap on the flight from Denver and now I feel a little more rested, can’t wait to get home and start this vacation thing, so let’s get on that next plane and get this over with!

Landed in Merida after an uneventful flight and was welcomed by the most amazing sunset and heat wave that slapped my face like white glove before a duel challenge, so it begins, my most awaited vacation and visit to my family and life long friends after a year and 3 months of my last one.

Stay tuned for all the shenanigans !


The story so far

As most of you know, I made a huge change in my life by moving out of my house/city/country to live with my boyfriend/soul mate, oh yeah I said it! Well I finally did it and last Friday (the 20th) I took a long flight to Tijuana where my cousin and his wife were waiting for me to cross the border (Yes I entered legally what did you think? Gah!) to then take a long ride to LA, stopping at San Diego which is beautiful


we had lunch, drive around, took a ride on a bike car type of thing which was a lot of fun and then off to LA where Brandon (Stuka87) and Jason (nbwulf) were waiting.

It was awesome to finally meet Jason who was another great host (along with his wife and their wonderful twins) which proves me one more time that online friendships are as good and sometimes better than IRL friendships, but I’m getting off topic here, Soooo, on Saturday we met with Curt (OhCurt) and David (actordavidtran) for a nice afternoon around Hollywood Boulevard

hollywood blvd

and the Griffith Observatory that lead to the birth of Griffith Tube!

We had an awesome time and it was great to meet more Youtubers =) On Sunday we went to have breakfast with my cousin and then we hit the road, 4.5 hours drive and we were home, it’s been a pretty good week and I’m adjusting to life in the woods, lots of good things to photograph around


so the bottom line here, is that I’m very happy with this new life and I am happy about the choice I made, I’ve never been so happy and in love, and I have the best man alive living with me.

Stay tunned for my first scarry experience in the woods….

Quick Update

Hello 4 readers out there!! hehehe, just a quick updat to let you know everything is fine, I’m just caught up with some other things that eat most of my “online” time so that’s why I haven’t been here a lot…

Some good things are coming my way, I’ll leave in a week and a half for a “unplugged” trip.. meaning I need to get away from here, see other people, other places, other things… I need a break!!! although I will be in the same country it will be different.. 5 days away is all I need right now and I will bring lots of fotage and stories to post….

I have a new obsession, you know me, once I find something I don’t stop untill I’m sick of it… but I don’t think I will be sick of this new form of comunication known as Stickam… is a live chat and it’s really fun… try it!

in other news, I’ve met the most amazing people, new friends that I know will last for a very long time, so I’m happy about that…. also I met somebody who keeps me away from doing anything else but talk to him for hours.. so yeah, I am good 🙂

 Ok, so that’s it for now… keep coming back so I don’t close this shit yet another time hahahaha..

Love you!!!

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Misery Bussines  by  Paramore]

Cancun [Caribbean Tour 1.2]

Hey, I’m back with the second part of my vacation tales… after leaving Holbox with a bunch of troubles [because there was a bus strike and we had to take a cab to the middle of nowhere and catch a bus] I arrived to Cancun on monday around 5pm… I went to my friend’s house, settle down, took a long shower and went to the club where she works, it was nice to see all of my friends again.

[ I have cool friends don’t I? ]


The next day I arrange a visit to an old friend and ex co-worker who I hadn’t seen in almost 3 years!! we had a blast as always, went to have some really yummy lunch we catch up on everything that has happenend since we last saw eachother, share a bunch of good laughs and then I returned to the house. Nothing much happened after..

On wednesday my friend Janis arrived and we agreed to go to the club that night and have some fun, which we totally did! we danced all night 🙂


I really had a great time in Cancun, although it was a bit more relaxed than other times I’ve been there, but it was nice, We stayed there untill Friday, when we headed to the next and final destination of the Caribbean Tour 2007..

The best thing of this part of the trip was that I had some phone calls from a certain guy whose name starts with J and that made me really happy 😀

Anyways, all in all it was good and here’s a little video of the fun we had a the club

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[Frozen by Within Temptation]