it ain’t cool!

Ok, so here’s my first scarry story here in the woods..

it happened 5 days after I got here, I was at home waiting for Brandon to come back from work, it was about 3.15pm (he usually gets out of work at 3.30) so I thought, mmh I need to take the trash out and maybe smoke a cigarette while I’m out, no big deal right??? WRONG! I open the door and what do I find on the middle of the deck??? a SNAKE! and mind you we are on the second floor, so I am thinking to myself, how the heck did this snake climb the stairs????? First of all I have a phobia to snakes, they scare the heck out of me, second I was alone and third I hate snakes!!! lol am I clear enough???

Well, my first reaction was to freeze, I was so scared that I dropped the trash bag, slammed the door and ran inside shaking, I grab the phone and called Brandon, when I told him “there is a snake on the deck” he said “Cool!” no no, it ain’t cool buddy, come home as fast as you can!! at this point I started to freak out and cry like a baby, you will have to consider that I was alone, in the woods, just moved in to a different country and hormones where flying all over the place.. so 10 minutes after I called him he got here and I was in the corner of the couch still crying, so he went ouside to check for the huge snake (in my fear I saw it huge) and nothing, he looked all over, downstairs, everywhere and nothing, I couldn’t believe it!!! the sucker had scaped!!! well no so fast.. I wasn’t going to let it go that easy, so I carefully went outside to the deck and when he was saying “it’s gone, you probably scared it” I looked down at the stairs and there it was!!! in the middle of them!! so lucky me I’m living with a Indiana Jones/Steve Irwin kinda men hahaha so he went off and grabbed the mofo which after all wasn’t that big as I thought, BUT these type of snakes ( gopher snake ) mimic the rattle snakes!! so I was right to be scared..

Anyhow, here it is…

Behold!!! the one guilty of my first scarry experience in the woods. (keep on mind that Brandon is 6’4″ and has big hands so the snake might look tiny but it really wasn’t that small)