what’s for dinner?

Well since I’ve been here in California I’ve been missing all the food I usually ate in Mexico, so I have been cooking!! yes you read it well, I AM cooking and introducing Brandon to many new flavor flavs!!!! hahahah no, seriously, he loves Mexican food but I think that Mexican food prepared by a Mexican Girl is better right?? well I have been making my mom proud by cooking a lot of things she taught me in the past… unfortunately I don’t have pictures of everything, which I think I will do in the future for evidence hahahaha but I did take some pics of our dinner the other night, Real Mexican “Carne Asada” tacos with black beans the way God intended people to eat them! not that fried tortilla crap you see everywhere in the US sold as Tacos, no no no, the real soft corn tortilla tacos, with lettuce and table cream on them, and also with a little bit of red rice (made with a tomato and chicken season) oh my, just writing about this is making me hungry!!! so without further ado… here’s the evidence!!!!

Real Mexican Dinner
Real Mexican Dinner

I saw it coming

This blog will be out of service for an indefinite time..

due to the lack of readers and inspiration from its owner…

 Thank you to all 4 of you who kept coming back….

Safe Yet Again

Hurricane Dean was aiming towards Merida, where I live and it was a scarry thought, this thing was huge and it reached cat 5!! that’s very dangerous, but thank God, it didn’t got here, we were save once more, I’m only sorry for all the people who were affected by it.


Look at it!!! is HUGE! we just had heavy rains and strong winds, as a precaution nobody worked or went to school, so today I am on my pajamas posting this… tomorrow everything will be back to normal, I guess…

Monthly Update

by my last post it looked like I never got back from the beach hahaha, well I did… I had a great time there and it was a very succesfull photo trip which you can see on my flickr account checking out the “Chelem Beach 2.0” set…

I’ve decided to stop bitching about my love life on the blog, is wrothless, so from now on, no more whinning.. I am now a very happy single woman, who is fully enjoying her friends and just living life the way is suppoused to be.

Harry Potter 5 is finally here!!!!!!  I haven’t seen it yet but I’m going to in two days… the wait is finally over and I will be in an orgasmic mood for 2.5 hours hahahaha, yeah that’s how obssesed I am about it….

I will have some days off this week, so I will paint some walls on my place with the help of my friend Jill.. pictures soon…

That’s all I can think of now… actually I have something very important to share with you readers, but not untill is done and I can show it to you… so in the meantime, talk among yourselves and wait for me… I’m still here, just a little lazy (I have 2 blogs to maintain) but here…

Love you all four of you!!

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One for my Baby  by  Robbie Williams]

New Start

Hello all, I’m back from my vacation but I needed a fresh start, so I moved to wordpress.. i hope you all keep coming to see me!!!

I’ll be back later with some news about my 9 day trip to the Caribbean…