The story so far

As most of you know, I made a huge change in my life by moving out of my house/city/country to live with my boyfriend/soul mate, oh yeah I said it! Well I finally did it and last Friday (the 20th) I took a long flight to Tijuana where my cousin and his wife were waiting for me to cross the border (Yes I entered legally what did you think? Gah!) to then take a long ride to LA, stopping at San Diego which is beautiful


we had lunch, drive around, took a ride on a bike car type of thing which was a lot of fun and then off to LA where Brandon (Stuka87) and Jason (nbwulf) were waiting.

It was awesome to finally meet Jason who was another great host (along with his wife and their wonderful twins) which proves me one more time that online friendships are as good and sometimes better than IRL friendships, but I’m getting off topic here, Soooo, on Saturday we met with Curt (OhCurt) and David (actordavidtran) for a nice afternoon around Hollywood Boulevard

hollywood blvd

and the Griffith Observatory that lead to the birth of Griffith Tube!

We had an awesome time and it was great to meet more Youtubers =) On Sunday we went to have breakfast with my cousin and then we hit the road, 4.5 hours drive and we were home, it’s been a pretty good week and I’m adjusting to life in the woods, lots of good things to photograph around


so the bottom line here, is that I’m very happy with this new life and I am happy about the choice I made, I’ve never been so happy and in love, and I have the best man alive living with me.

Stay tunned for my first scarry experience in the woods….


Harry Potter movie 5 and book 7

Oh My God!! The movie was awesome!!! I think is the most beautiful of all..

I laughed, I cryed [literally] I got mad and I enjoyed it a LOT, I can’t wait to get it on dvd and to see it again, and again and again and.. well you know how big my obsession is….

also book 7 has been shipped, so I will have it in a few days… what else can I ask for?? well I know what but I promised I will not bitch in here anymore…


I stopped looking for him… and then he found me…
and now I am a happy little camper… my life is turned upside down and I love it..

Thank you for coming into my life… you are the one…

Now listening to: Love Hurts by Incubus